Are you thinking to yourself - who is the best modular kitchen dealer near me..

Worry not. You have come to the right destination.

We were the first to introduce the concept of Modular Kitchens in Visakhapatnam way back in the year 2000.
Since then there is no looking back.

We measure, design, customize and execute the entire Kitchen installation process.

We provide 3D design services also to see how the kitchen will look like before undertaking the installation process.

Today we provide all varieties of Modular Kitchens, whether it be

Acrylic Kitchen
Glass Shutter Kitchen
PU Painted Kitchen
PVC Laminated Kitchen
WPVC Modular Kitchen
Calibrated Plywood Modular Kitchen
Semi Modular Kitchen
Fully Modular Kitchen
L Shape Kitchen
U Shape Kitchen
Parallel Kitchen
Straight Kitchen..
The list is endless.. and so are our services..

Multiply Interiors & Modular Kitchens is your destination for all your needs related Modular Kitchens in Vizag.

Tall Unit Swing

Tall Unit

Towel Pull Out

Table Pull out

G Grass

Modular Kitchen


Tandem Inside

Pull Down Basket inside

Huwil Strato Inside

Senso Inside

4 Layer Genius Corner Inside