Leaders In Interiors Since 1976. We are the Very First Plywood & Hardware Dealers In Visakhapatnam.

With humble beginnings, we have spawned generations in Plywood & Hardware for Home Interiors.

Thinking out of the box, we always focus in providing solutions to your home decoration needs before introducing you to our gorgeous products.

Started 45 years back, one of the first stores in the port city, Visakhapatnam, we are always focused to stay ahead of times, and provide our customers happiness for years.

Moving with time & trend, we started with “modular” solutions to provide extra comfort and an everlasting smile on your faces.

In our minds and action, we’ve covered areas you are yet to dream for yourself in future.

This is who we are, a Team of Dedicated Professionals with whom you’ll feel as if you’re talking to a friend or a relative who will always give you the right advice along with the right product.

What we do?

We'd be happy to not be called as business people, as we are not here only to trade but to give a key of happiness to our clients.

Buying & selling products could be just another way to be busy. But being busy and still being available for our valued customers like you is our cup of tea.

Though we provide products like plywood, decorative veneers, laminates, doors.. we also provide complete Modular Kitchen Solutions.


  • Right from PLANNING…We’d love to visit your home… take accurate measurements… do proper planning and help you choose the right Kitchen products of your choice.
  • Then DESIGNING… we provide a 3D design for your Modular Kitchen, Wardrobe, TV panel and everything you are looking for, so that you know exactly how it will be in the end.
  • Till INSTALLATION… We’re there with you at every step.


Why Go With Us?

No doubt our products are very tempting but we listen to your needs first, offer a solution and take you to products only after identifying your requirement thoroughly.

Honestly, in everything we do, we challenge the status quo by offering beautifully designed products that are amazing to look and feel, comfortable to use and last for a long long time.

If you are wondering whether all this is real, let us tell you it is!